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Laura Bilazarian

No More Excuses: Prioritizing Women in Tech

As a female, minority founder and CEO of a company in Silicon Valley, diversity is a topic I grapple with every day. At Teamable we spend a lot of our time helping our clients build and nurture a workplace culture that values and supports diversity and inclusion efforts. In the process, I’ve learned a lot from recruiting teams that are prioritizing finding and hiring women for technical, management and leadership roles. I’ve also learned a lot about some common excuses I’ve heard used to explain or excuse a lack of diversity. Let’s take a moment to smash them

Recruiting Engineers Through the Employee Network

How we doubled our team of engineering unicorns in days while winning the fight of our life for our initial large enterprise customers...

Employee Referrals: The 8 Most Important Studies

We have yet to meet one person who doesn’t agree that employee referrals are the best source of hires (and we meet a lot of opinionated people), but as big believers in data driven decisions, we wanted to share and summarize the multiple research studies from top universities and market research agencies supporting everyone’s intuition.  

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