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How to Build & Promote Your Employer Brand to Support Diversity Recruiting

Pop quiz: Does your company value financial performance, innovation, and tapping into new markets? Here’s a hint: The answer should be yes for at least one of these points,if not all of them! And if that’s the case, you’ll want to think about how you can actively promote diversity and inclusion, since more diverse companies have been shown to outperform less diverse peers on all those dimensions (and more—check out some of the most impressive statistics on diversity and inclusion here).

How Climate Corporation Rolled Out Structured Interviewing

Here’s one of the paradoxes of the modern working world: Not everyone is naturally skilled at conducting interviews, yet pretty much everyone is called upon to interview candidates. It’s a funny contradiction—we wouldn’t ask a salesperson to go into a meeting with a prospect with no advance preparation, yet we ask our engineers, marketers, and customer success people to do the equivalent every time we send them into an interview with no plan.

6 Ways to Boost Employee Referrals

How Atlassian Uses Data to Attract More Qualified & Diverse Candidates

5 Tactics to Get Hiring Managers on Board with Diversity

Like riding a tandem bike or a seesaw, recruiting can never really be a solo activity. You’re only as good as your partnership with your hiring managers. And this is especially the case when it comes to focusing on diversity and inclusion. And if you’re trying to build a more diverse and inclusive organization, it all starts with adapting your approach to recruiting.

4 Ways to Drive Diverse Employee Referrals

There’s a reason why 85% of people get jobs through personal connections: It’s so much easier to have confidence in the recommendation of someone you already know and trust rather than to take your chances with a complete stranger. And there are a number of stats that prove how effective employee referrals can be: 88% of employers say referrals are their number one source of above average candidates, referred candidates are 40% more likely to be hired, and they’re more likely to stick around than employees from any other source.

6 Statistics That Will Convince You to Prioritize Diversity & Inclusion

If you’ve been following the HR world for the past few years, you may have heard a thing or two about diversity and inclusion. Whether it’s through big pieces in the press, blog posts that go viral, or keynote speeches at every conference you attend, these topics have been trending in a big way. And it makes sense: Forward-thinking company leaders believe that their organization’s composition should reflect the diversity of their customers and the world at large. This is why it’s become increasingly common for companies to establish Diversity & Inclusion teams, to tie diversity goal in with executives’ KPIs, and even to hire Chief Diversity Officers.

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