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Why Employees Don't Refer Candidates

“And now, I’m gonna hand it over to Tim from HR, for a quick update on talent.” Tim, your talent team’s HR business partner, dutifully saunters to the front of the room and takes his position at the podium. He reiterates headcount goals, goes over the open roles he’s desperate to fill, and then--stop me if you’ve heard this one before--implores the company to send over their referrals.

“Referrals are an excellent source of hire, they’re more likely to take the job and more likely to stick around, so please, think about who you know and send them our way.” Tim goes on to explain that for a limited time only, there’s a special $10,000 bonus for any referred senior software engineer who gets hired. Cue some chipper murmuring from the crowd.

So, how does this story end? With an influx of referrals and a slew of great hires? Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis was dead the whole time and so was Tim's referral pipeline.

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