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Passive Candidates: The Best Person for the Job Isn't Looking

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3 Hidden Benefits of Employee Referrals

Is employee referral hiring a flash-in-the-pan fad or a new long-term recruiting staple? That’s an important question to ask of any trending recruiting strategy, even one as effective as finding and hiring candidates through your employee’s networks. But we’ve got terrific news:

Yes, right from the beginning, employee referral hires are quicker and cheaper to hire (and also less likely to quit). But they’re also one of the best things you can do to ensure the long-term health of your organization’s recruiting strategy.

Here are three not-so-obvious long-term benefits of employee referral hiring:

# 1 - Referral hiring builds a self-sustaining talent pipeline

3 Steps to Building a Modern Recruiting Pipeline

In a recent Teamable webinar, we hosted Climate Corp Talent Acquisition and Recruiting specialists to find out how they've modernized and upgraded their recruiting pipeline. The following blog post captures the major takeaways from our conversation. The full webinar is available on demand here: 3 Steps to Building a Modern Recruiting Pipeline.

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