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Digging into the Truth About Employee Referral Programs

Employee referral programs are the best source of new hires. More importantly, they're the best source of quality hires. Employees hired through employee referral programs have better retention and productivity than employees hired through other methods, and the associated hiring costs are also lower.

6 Ways to Do a Better Job Hiring Diverse Talent

Two-thirds of executives now recognize diversity and inclusion as critical, up 10 percent from 2014. Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion can boast improved engagement and improved revenue and profits. Employees from different background and experiences can also enhance an organization’s culture.

How to Attract Better Candidates


Big News from Teamable - Announcing our Funding and Acquisition

Plus, a feature in TechCrunch.

We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired Simppler’s powerful referral recommendation engine and matchmaking recruiting software, and secured additional funding from a new investor, Foundation Capital, with participation from previous investors True Ventures and SaaStr Fund.

Top 5 Takeaways from Teamable's Conversation with John Sumser

Our CEO and co-founder Laura Bilazarian talks Recruiting, Rugby, and ROI on HR Examiner Radio with John Sumser

Check out the full conversation here:

Announcing Teamable’s New Slack Integration: Build Your Dream Team through Employee Networks


The best talent doesn’t respond to mass messaging or browse job boards, but they do listen to people they trust. Leverage your employees’ contacts and Teamable’s intelligence to stand out from the noise and recruit top, diverse talent. With Teamable, employees and recruiters can effectively message candidates and track results in just two clicks. And now, fueled with our new Slack integration, recruiters can scale the hiring funnel with employee referrals, receive all important notifications directly to their Slack account, and interactively respond to those right from Slack without having to browse Teamable app.

The Phone Screen: Senior Recruiter Ariana Moon

Great news, you sweet wonderful talent acquisition pros, you! The Phone Screen is back for round 2, and it's chock full of tips, tricks, and the real work stories of a recruiter who gets stuff done. In this installment, we caught up with Greenhouse’s Senior Recruiter Ariana Moon to learn about her path to recruiting, the tools and metrics she uses most, and how she’d like to see this profession change.

How Measuring Company Culture Improves Recruiting & Retention

Talent pros know full well the importance of an inclusive company culture in attracting top talent and keeping them around. But it's not enough to articulate the culture on your website and Glassdoor profile. How do you measure and improve your culture in the interest of optimizing your hiring and retention functions? 

The Phone Screen: Employer Brand Manager Jess Park

Welcome to The Phone Screen! Every week, we're featuring the talent folks who get stuff done. Just like the first part of your hiring process, we're going to get to know people a little beyond their resume by asking about their background, wins, favorite tools, and thoughts on most meaningful recruiting metrics. For our inaugural installment, we caught up with Honeybook's Employer Brand Manager and Talent Partner, Jess Park.

TA Leaders Talk Recruiting Metrics, Referral Programs, and Candidate Experience

50 recruiters walk into an office. I forget the punchline, but the result is an afternoon of rich conversation surrounding recruiting metrics, setting up referral programs (anyone know a good tool for that?), and creating a reliably strong candidate experience. First on the docket was some hiring pipeline data collected from real talent teams, hot off the presses from Lever:

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