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How to Optimize Employee Engagement in Your Recruiting Processes

Hiring a new employee is a daunting task. Hiring managers, on average, will select only two percent of applicants for interviews because of the massive volume that comes through the door. The interview process itself averages almost 23 days. On average, it takes a company 42 days to fill an open position.

Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Recruitment Process

Creating a diverse workplace should be top-of-mind for businesses of all sizes - and diversity should not be limited to race and gender. A diverse workplace includes employees with distinctive thoughts and backgrounds, differing approaches to creativity, and contrasting views of the world.

How to Deliver the Diversity Millennials Want

Attracting and retaining quality talent is a challenging but critical. When you ensure this talent is diverse, you're making yourself competitive. Diverse talent is no longer something companies should strive for; it’s something all good companies prioritize. Not only do diverse companies attract and retain better talent, but there is now evidence that they are more productive and profitable as well.

Are Referral Bonuses Effective?

When it comes to referral bonuses, employers have a lot of questions. It makes sense to set up an employee referral program, but if your goal is to expand your talent pool at a low cost, do you really want to spend that much on referral bonuses?

How to Hire Candidates Faster

For those that can remember back to 1986, and to the blockbuster film Top Gun, the number one quote from the movie was between rebellious, hotshots Maverick and Goose. “I feel the need . . . the need for speed.”

Why Inclusive Culture Is A Must-Have

Companies with inclusive cultures are twice as likely to meet or exceed financial goals, three times more likely to perform at high levels, six times more likely to be innovative, and eight times more likely to achieve better outcomes.

Why Employee Referrals Work at Companies of Every Size

Employee referrals are the top source for hiring - on average, companies walk away with 30 percent of hires from referrals.

5 Common Recruiting Mistakes

Recruiting the right employees for the job advertised is a critical human resources function contributing to increased retention and profitability of the company. If you hire the wrong person for the job, you may be looking at correcting issues caused by the employee, disruption in the culture, upset among other employees, replacement costs of the employee hired and beginning the recruitment process all over again.

How to Hire More Women When Your Team is All Men

Research shows that companies with female leaders on their executive teams produce more value and profitability. These companies even have more women in revenue-generating roles, rather than merely in staff roles. However, we’re still a long way from gender parity - 217 years, in fact. That’s how long it will take us to achieve equality between men and women in the workplace at the rate we’re currently moving.

Tips for Finding Top Talent

Employees, on average, switch jobs every four to five years. Younger workers change every three years. You would think this type of job hopping in the market would make it easier for companies to pick up top talent. However, making a hire and making an outstanding hire are two different things, and the difference can affect your bottom line.

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