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Top 5 Takeaways from Teamable's Conversation with John Sumser

Our CEO and co-founder Laura Bilazarian talks Recruiting, Rugby, and ROI on HR Examiner Radio with John Sumser

Check out the full conversation here:

Announcing Teamable’s New Slack Integration: Build Your Dream Team through Employee Networks


The best talent doesn’t respond to mass messaging or browse job boards, but they do listen to people they trust. Leverage your employees’ contacts and Teamable’s intelligence to stand out from the noise and recruit top, diverse talent. With Teamable, employees and recruiters can effectively message candidates and track results in just two clicks. And now, fueled with our new Slack integration, recruiters can scale the hiring funnel with employee referrals, receive all important notifications directly to their Slack account, and interactively respond to those right from Slack without having to browse Teamable app.

The Phone Screen: University Recruiter Tim Tieu

In this installment of The Phone Screen, we’re chatting with Tim Tieu, who worked on University Recruiting this past season at Asana, a fast-growing work management software startup. We caught up with Tim to learn some of the unique challenges and nuances to university recruiting, from building relationships on campus to helping students evaluate their different offers and opportunities.

Key Steps to Delivering a Stellar Candidate Experience Every Time

We’ve all experienced some of the ways the internet has dramatically changed how we work—distributed teams can now communicate virtually, employees can work from anywhere, and everyone can now waste several hours of their day scrolling through social media. But one of the biggest work related changes brought about by the internet is the way we now share and gather information about company culture and employee experience.

The Phone Screen: Jenna Aronow

Welcome back to The Phone Screen! For this installment, we're getting to know Jenna Aronow, who has held various roles across the talent spectrum, working on both recruiting and diversity efforts for companies like Patreon, Chartboost, and Humble Bundle. Recently, she founded Aronow Recruiting, where she brings her unique expertise to growing businesses.

The Phone Screen: Senior Recruiter Ariana Moon

Great news, you sweet wonderful talent acquisition pros, you! The Phone Screen is back for round 2, and it's chock full of tips, tricks, and the real work stories of a recruiter who gets stuff done. In this installment, we caught up with Greenhouse’s Senior Recruiter Ariana Moon to learn about her path to recruiting, the tools and metrics she uses most, and how she’d like to see this profession change.

How Measuring Company Culture Improves Recruiting & Retention

Talent pros know full well the importance of an inclusive company culture in attracting top talent and keeping them around. But it's not enough to articulate the culture on your website and Glassdoor profile. How do you measure and improve your culture in the interest of optimizing your hiring and retention functions? 

The Phone Screen: Employer Brand Manager Jess Park

Welcome to The Phone Screen! Every week, we're featuring the talent folks who get stuff done. Just like the first part of your hiring process, we're going to get to know people a little beyond their resume by asking about their background, wins, favorite tools, and thoughts on most meaningful recruiting metrics. For our inaugural installment, we caught up with Honeybook's Employer Brand Manager and Talent Partner, Jess Park.

6 Takeaways from Bersin By Deloitte's TA Maturity Model

So your recruiting team is hitting their goals, adding new sourcers, managers, and analysts, and has instituted a successful employee referral program. What next? Bersin by Deloitte set out to discover the most common denominators amongst mature talent acquisition teams, and released their findings in a comprehensive report available to their members. To save you a click, we broke down the key findings right here on the Teamable blog. Here's what they learned:

Why Employees Don't Refer Candidates

“And now, I’m gonna hand it over to Tim from HR, for a quick update on talent.” Tim, your talent team’s HR business partner, dutifully saunters to the front of the room and takes his position at the podium. He reiterates headcount goals, goes over the open roles he’s desperate to fill, and then--stop me if you’ve heard this one before--implores the company to send over their referrals.

“Referrals are an excellent source of hire, they’re more likely to take the job and more likely to stick around, so please, think about who you know and send them our way.” Tim goes on to explain that for a limited time only, there’s a special $10,000 bonus for any referred senior software engineer who gets hired. Cue some chipper murmuring from the crowd.

So, how does this story end? With an influx of referrals and a slew of great hires? Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis was dead the whole time and so was Tim's referral pipeline.

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